Healthy Cities Alliance

The Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) is an international network aiming to protect and enhance the health of city dwellers. The Alliance is a group of cities and other organizations that try to achieve this goal through the Healthy Cities approach. We believe that international cooperation is an effective and efficient tool to achieve the goal and promote the interaction of people who are in the front lines of health issues.

As an increasing population lives in cities amid global urbanization, we hope that our international network will help make strides in the promotion of health of the people living in cities. Through the network of the Alliance, it is hoped that its members cooperate and are inspired to make the best use of the Healthy Cities approach. Experiences by one city or one person can be a good guide to others. If the members accumulate such experiences, it will be a great vehicle to improve the health of urban residents in member cities and towns. To that end, the Alliance promotes the interaction of people and information exchange, research development, and capacity building programs.

As well as promoting Healthy Cities programs for our members, the Alliance will work to raise public awareness of the Healthy Cities approach beyond the scope of the Alliance members. The ultimate goal of the Healthy Cities program is to create sustainable cities with a focus on health. And hopefully, we can enjoy the process of creating healthier cities and befriending others through an international network.

The Alliance was founded October 17, 2003 at the First Organizational Meeting, an inaugural meeting held at the World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific in Manila, Philippines. The participants of the inaugural meeting were cities, national coordinators, NGOs, and academic institutions engaged in the Healthy Cities program worldwide.

On October 12-14, 2004, the Alliance held its Inaugural General Assembly and Conference in Kuching City, Sarawak, Malaysia. City mayors, governors, city officers, public health and urban planning professionals, NGOs, academic institutions, and national and international leaders gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the Alliance for Healthy Cities. Since then, General Assemblies have been held every two years in a variety of member countries.

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