Onkaparinga Food Security Collaborative

We are a collaborative of organisations and individuals who believe everyone has the right to sufficient, healthy and nutritious food. We also support a healthy and sustainable food system by enabling people and organisations to understand the interdependencies between growing, cooking and minimising food waste.

The Onkaparinga Food Security Collaborative (OFSC) started as an initiative of Healthy Cities Onkaparinga which has supported social health promotion for over 30 years. Healthy Cities Onkaparinga identified that there are a large number of community-based food security groups in Onkaparinga that are not well connected or coordinated with each other. The Onkaparinga Food security Project was developed.

In 2018-19, the Food Security Project ran two forums, a think tank and a community breakfast and set up a Network for Emergency Food Relief Workers. At each event, we were bringing together food security groups and other stakeholders within Onkaparinga to learn from each other and to share expertise, experience, resources, skills and information.

From April 2020 we will be showcasing Community & Verge Gardens in our region and encouraging newcomers to participate and / or start their own gardens – as group efforts.

In 2020 Onkaparinga Leadership Program will also have Food Security as its focus.

Participation in the Onkaparinga Food Security Collaborative is open to all individuals, groups and organisations with an interest in food security in the Onkaparinga region.