Governance & management

HCO has a management committee elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Office bearers – Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer – are elected at the AGM. The Deputy Chair is elected at the first meeting following the AGM. The office bearers together with the local government representative act as an Executive. Their role and delegations are prescribed by the constitution.

The Management Committee meets monthly. Current members of the Management Committee holding office to the next Annual General Meeting in 2015:

  • Jules Ferguson, Chairperson
  • Gwyn Jolley,  Deputy Chair
  • Helen Mikolaj,  Treasurer, Public Officer and community member
  • Vanessa Swinney,  Secretary
  • Gary Goland,  Community member
  • Tricia Dame, Committee member
  • Robyn Holtham, Committee member
  • Heather Merritt, Committee member
  • Sharon McGann, committee member, Chairperson OFSC
  • Alayna de Graaf, Committee member