Supporting my interest in Healthy Cities and public health, I have a professional background from the early 70s as a Technical Officer involved in medical research, dedicated to discovering more about physiology and our internal systems. Moving to Adelaide in 1982, I worked with Dr John Minors in Clinical Pharmacology at the Flinders Medical Centre, picking up familiarity with different analyses. From there I progressed to the Gastroenterology unit at the QEH, working with influences on cell turnover in the large bowel, and later with aspects of cellular change in the small intestine. I accepted a termination package from Health in 2009.

In 1985 my wife and I moved onto a couple acres at Kuitpo to pick up an interest in food production. As a function of imposed development change, we now live in the suburbs. However exposure to intolerable noise introduced me to existing environmental regulation and consideration of public health. Working with many others, I have sought to strengthen the evaluation processes and understanding of health risk profiles. Given the lack of cohesive evaluation and alignment of public vulnerability, I remain keen to see a greater influence of those most connected to the risks in our living environments.